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Comics I enjoy: Three Word Phrase , SMBC , Dinosaur Comics , Oglaf (nsfw), A Softer World , Buttersafe , Perry Bible Fellowship , Questionable Content , Buttercup Festival , Homestuck , Junior Scientist Power Hour. Other things: Tips on technology and government, Climate FAQ , Katharine Hayhoe. xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4. You can read a brief introduction about this wiki at explain xkcd. Feel free to sign up for an account and contribute to the wiki! We need explanations for comics, characters, themes and everything in between. If it is referenced in an xkcd web comic, it should be here. If you're new to wiki editing, see the explain xkcd:Editor FAQ for a specific guidance to this Wiki and the more general help. This information is pretty critical, as failing to mark the stop could cause an accident. The user is unlikely to respond to the CAPTCHA in time to avert disaster, not to mention that any interruption to the car's internet connection could prove fatal. Self driving cars have become a recurrent theme on xkcd Has there been some historic media hysteria on this subject in the US? (please sign your comments with ~~~~) Was thinking the same. Never heard of Stop, Drop and Roll either (growing up in Germany). Never had been taught to Duck and Cover, either. 12:35, 22 December 2016 (UTC

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  1. You have to stop at some point, or you can just go on forever. A lot of it is just forcing myself to reach a stopping point, we've figured out this idea isn't getting any worse in a fun way.
  2. Having a penny in your pocket makes it harder to find other things there, so you might spend more time looking for stuff in the future. And then there's the future time spent dealing with the penny. You may spend time figuring out if it helps you make change, putting it in a roll, donating them, or doing countless other hard-to-predict things. (You may argue that dropping them in a donation.
  3. Nothing is especially meaningful, which means that all things are equally meaningful, and the only way he can imagine escaping is for other people to stop having convictions (notice that turning off the goddamn phone is not an option). A man with no convictions is pathetically voluble with respect to even the most ridiculous frivolities. I hate.
  4. The latest XKCD comic on voting machine software is wrong, profoundly so. It's the sort of thing that appeals to our prejudices, but mistakes the details. Accidents vs. attack. The biggest flaw is that the comic confuses accidents vs. intentional attack. Airplanes and elevators are designed to avoid accidental failures. If that's the measure, then voting machine software is fine and perfectly.
  5. Pretty much everyone loves Randall Munroe's XKCD comic. But, wouldn't it be better if you could read it from your Factor listener? I thought so too! We are going to build something that lets you do this: USING: formatting http.client images.http images.viewer kernel regexp strings; We need a word that loads an XKCD comic webpage, extracts out of it the URL to the comic, and then loads it into.
  6. Computer modeling. Send Around This XKCD Climate Change Web Cartoon, But Really Look at It First You'll see the average global temperatures now are about where they were 9,000 years ag
  7. Having a post-it with a very complex password sure beats having a bad password memorized. Usually you're protecting yourself from remote attacks, not someone sneaking around on your desk (that is an issue for office security). Also, with post-its you can easily disguise the password or alter it slightly (every 1 is a 2, or the password is only half of what is written etc.) to make it useless.
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[Hairy, holding an arm out towards an unseen crowd, is standing on a podium with five large bags around him, each having a dollar sign on it.] Hairy: Never stop buying lottery tickets, no matter what anyone tells you. Hairy: I failed again and again, but I never gave up. I took extra jobs and poured the money into tickets - Add your own substitutions! (Options page) - Switch the extension on/off version 3.0 - Added an option to substitute word parts (and not only complete words) I will draw a fun, custom xkcd style cartoon. Check price. I will do all kind of 3d animation. Please contact us before placing your order to avoid confusion. We can also create nursery rhymes, animation for kids, animation stories, process explanations, etc or any type of 3D animation you need. Check price. I will do any kind of 3d animation video. Highly professional Animation service.

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(Who thinks Google is reasonably cool for having every form provide a message that you shouldn't submit any passwords via Google forms?) ===== (quote inserted randomly by Pegasus Mailer) ***@vcn.bc.ca ***@victoria.tc.ca ***@computercrime.org I have to stop saying `How stupid can you be.' I think people ar Subscribe and get comics in your inbox.. Comics Lates

Nov 30, 2016 - Personally this one has molded my perspective on marketing and ultimately my success in winning people over somehow. It's scary how much recognition people will give you if you just manage to get this right. Of course, it's key to be very good in. The xkcd comic #1190:Time. Written by the One True Author,Randall Munroe, this comic is unique among the xkcd canon because its frame updates hourly. The first frame of Time appeared on 2013-03-25 at midnight Eastern Daylight Time. A new TimeFrame appeared every half-hour after that until 2013-03-30, when the interval between frames was lengthened to one hour. Ever since then, the frame has. Open a new tab and check out this site. This exciting website contains original comic strips related to math. Well, not only math lovers will be having fun here; if you are a fan of romance, sarcasm, and language, you will have a good laugh from visiting XKCD. 22. Listen To Radios Around The World With Global Radi There's Hell Tetris, based off the xkcd strip and having a round floor. I would expect that you've heard of it. All the existing recreations I can find are in Flash, so that could be something to try recreating. Then there's the launch version of Tetris Ultimate on PS4. That one... That one is not something you want to imitate. I hope you enjoy.

Don't let one mistake stop you from having good interactions with other people. Just smile and try to listen more than you talk. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but so are lots of things that are worth doing. Your mistakes don't define you; it's how you respond to them. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 19 Helpful 67. Question. If someone is not racist for being attracted to members of a. It was fun to see the reference, though. Sincerely, Terry Mullen St. Paul, Minnesota. Of course, Mr. Mullen is now burdened with the task of naming the phenomenon where one stumbles across a reference to one's coined phrase twenty years after the coining. Fantomas. Posted 21 October 2006 at 06:44 am I have been seeing 'All the ones' for perhaps 8 years now. Since hanging out at a mates. So many neat/fun speakers are always visiting Google that if I started going to all those cool lectures, I'd never get my regular work done. I'm at peace with that choice, but it does mean that sometimes I find out about awesome speakers at Google by reading about them on an outside blog. I missed Randall Munroe, the guy that draws xkcd, which is a bummer. It's one of my favorite net. The artists behind XKCD, Questionable Content, Dinosaur Comics, and more tell us about the rise of webcomics, selling funny T-shirts, and adapting to a changing web

This is great for pranking and trolling and just having fun with funny edits on pages. On a more practical note, it also has an input field option that allows you to easily find and replace all the text in input fields (such as forms, etc.) NOTE: After installation or updates, refresh any previously opened pages to make the extension work. Usage: * As you type a search term, it finds matches. The XKCD comics are highly visual, with a short comment from the author accompanying many of the episodes. Having a detailed written description that is visible to everyone would spoil the comic for the average user; part of the fun is to understand the jokes purely from the sketches. At the same time, notice that indexing and searching online comics runs into the same challenge that blind. Every scientist I know is desperately trying to get away from all of that bullshit and get back to having fun: i.e., doing science. Science is so much fun that scientists are willing to put up with all the PHB college adminstrators that fill their days, just for those moments of science, which are pure joy The Game is an example of ironic processing (also known as the White Bear Principle), in which attempts to suppress or avoid certain thoughts make those thoughts more common or persistent than they would be at random. There are early examples of ironic processing: in 1840, Leo Tolstoy played the white bear game with his brother, where he would stand in a corner and not think of the white.

XKCD is well-read but perhaps he has missed all the papers that show how the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration slavishly follows temperature with a lag of 800 years, which happens to be the time it takes the oceans to turnover. That is explained by the high solubility of carbon dioxide in water as shown by these graphs of solubility of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen: The graphs. Simply it's so old already that current students stop even knowing it. So, I just give two of the most famous sketches (google for more!). Fun fact: Did you know that the name of the programming language python is a tribute to Monty Python? There are further references, such as using spam and eggs in comments (etc.) instead of the typical foo and bar. (see wikipedia) Argument Clinic [just. Stop code: PICK_UP_THE_MAGAZINE #FEHLER #MISTAKES Last-Minute-Prüfungsbootcamp Eine Katze hat neun Schwänze Ratsel: Der flaißige Student Invention by Mistake Nine of the World's Biggest Mistakes. 3 impulsiv Liebe LeserInnen, W ir mögen Themen, die nachvollziehbar sind. Und sicherlich ist kaum ein Gefühl allgemein so bekannt wie dasjenige, einen Fehler gemacht zu haben; und wenn man dam You will have fun and also learn a lot here. 35. WiKi How. This is the answer to all your question. If you ever need to find how to do anything and I mean anything (just don't go crazy), you can find it here. 36. Ancient History Encyclopedia. If you love history, this is your one-stop shop to learn everything about our pasts. From Ancient. Randall Munroe describes xkcd as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. While it's practically required reading in the geek community, xkcd fans are as varied as the comic's subject matter. This book creates laughs from science jokes on one page to relationship humor on another. xkcd: volume 0 is the first book from the immensely popular webcomic with a passio

This is discovered by asking questions like: If you are having sex with someone in a public place and someone else comes along - does that cause you to become apprehensive and stop having sex? We can also say people with a strong brake pedal have strong marital values. Now, people with a strong gas pedal and a weak brake pedal, about 20 %, these are the ones most prone to cheat XKCD has been going since 2006, and it's just as good as it ever was. There are plenty worse ways to waste time than by scrolling few 12 years of short, funny comics that make you think and. The world's most entertaining and useless self-help guide from the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the bestsellers Full of clever infographics and fun illustrations, How To is a delightfully mind-bending way to better understand the science and technology underlying the things we do every day. Previous page. Print length. 320 pages. Language. English. Publisher.

If you're having people over for dinner for the first time since the pandemic began, here are strategies to help make it a success. Match ID: 3 Score: 50.00 source: www.washingtonpost.com age: 1 day qualifiers: 30.00 food, 20.00 recipes One cup a day of this nutritious food reduces the risk of heart disease, according to a study of 50,000 people Sat, 05 Jun 2021 14:43:05 GMT Cardiovascular. Lava lamps can be fun and fascinating to watch. Your lava lamp's flow may not be as lively as that of another lava lamp, but that does not necessarily make it defective or in need of repair. Check the operation instructions that came with your lava lamp before taking corrective measures to alter a lamp that has slow or zero flow. Advertisement Step 1 Leave a new lava lamp in continual. 63 comments on SSH tunnelling for fun and profit: Autossh Pingback: SSH tunnelling for fun and profit: Tunnel options. Pingback: SSH tunnelling for fun and profit: local vs remote. Pingback: 1 - SSH tunnelling for fun and profit: AutoSSH. Pingback: === popurls.com === popular today. Steve Smith January 20, 2016 Repl They are our main social companions, so they provide the context for having fun times. They also provide the main circle for exchange of child care. We trust them enough to leave our children with them. The next layer up, at 50, is your big-weekend-barbecue people. And the 150 layer is your weddings and funerals group who would come to your once-in-a-lifetime event

XKCD / Via xkcd.com. Here are some to get you started: SMBC, Dinosaur Comics, XKCD, Hark! A Vagrant, Married to the Sea, and QuestionableContent (my personal favourite). 15. Travel into a Wiki. On the instruction stop, they stop shaking and open their hands with one hand flat and facing upwards so that they can see their coins. If any coins come down heads, they take them out of their palm and place them on the desk. On your instruction show, they put up a number of fingers corresponding to the number of coins they took out of their palm. Record this number on the board. They.

The write() method returns the number of bytes written to the file. In the previous example, there were 100,000 bytes in the first chunk, and the remaining part of the file needed only 78,981 bytes. To review, here's the complete process for downloading and saving a file A fun, absurd, and informative book that I couldn't out down! What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe is a fun book! Crazy questions are answered but answered scientifically! He also puts in a section called Weird and Worrisome Questions which have some really strange questions and then shows a.

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The next video is starting stop. Loading.. This xkcd comic (Frequentists vs. Bayesians) makes fun of a frequentist statistician who derives an obviously wrong result. However it seems to me that his reasoning is actually correct in the sense . Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge. The latest XKCD comic on voting machine software is wrong, profoundly so. It's the sort of thing that appeals to our prejudices, but mistakes the details. Accidents vs. attack. The biggest flaw is that the comic confuses accidents vs. intentional attack. Airplanes and elevators are designed to avoid accidental failures. If that's the measure, then voting machine software is fine and perfectly.

This comic is the stupidest goddamn thing I saw all week, including the other xkcd's. And to hell with Black Hat Guy; even he's just phoning it in at this point. at May 26, 2017 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Thursday, May 25, 2017. 1841 GOOMH Randall I too am a self-centered jerk who doesn't care who my friends are! DAE so autistic. May 19, 2021 at 12:54 am. Another thing that should never be automated: things where paying attention is part of why you do it. My mother writes down the temperature and precipitation every day. Nice Guy™ at XKCD:. This XKCD comic is titled Friends.. Sadly—but unsurprisingly—many (heterosexual) male geeks at the Friends XKCD comic discussion thread see nothing wrong with being a Nice Guy™. (Basically, a Nice Guy™ (not to be confused with a nice guy) is a guy who is nice to a woman for sex. When this does not work, he concludes that women want jerks. The solution came from my online source of comfort, xkcd. Randall Munroe, the creator of the webcomic, set himself the challenge of labeling a diagram of NASA's Saturn 5 rocket (Up Goer Five) with only the 1000 most commonly used words in the English language. Soon after, members of the geoscience community took up the challenge of explaining their fields of research in the 1000 most. Posts about xkcd written by Dazey2. L.31 9/9/09. If I had written my post about wanting to fall in love today, instead of yesterday, I totally would have included the following comic which I just found online. It is cute and clever and works well from a cynic's point of view

Having said that, I do also have a love for whimsical notions. I found this as a meme on Facebook last night while I was wasting time and it made me think of Joel and how he spins: There are some days when it is fun to believe that maybe, just maybe, Joel is really on a mission to travel through time. It's really not all that hard to believe. Hah, fun idea. Modified it a bit to run in parallel. I guess I'll leave it on for couple hours and see if it gets anywhere. current output: Also the moving clock in the xkcd figure! Awesome touch. Also of utmost importance: it sorts both [8,6,7,5,3,0,9] and jennyigotyournumber. Now I'm really gonna make her mine. gkoberger on March 18, 2013. This was inspired by the alt-text from last. djl4570 writes xkcd's 'What If' series consists of humorous takes on highly implausible but oddly interesting hypothetical physics questions, like how to cook a steak with heat from atmospheric re-entry. The most recent entry dealt with flying a Cessna on other planets and moons in the solar system. Mars: 'The tricky thing is that with so little atmosphere, to get any lift, you have to go fast

XKCD is one of the most interesting websites for the people who love to read comics. There are even various categories available on this site like romance , math, satires, comedy , language etc. This is so fun that you are going to enjoy these comic strips a lot xkcd takes the mickey out of nerds and computer geeks on a regular basis, implying they have no real lives. Yet onecheap shot at anthropology and all the humanities supporters have their knickers in a twist! 1) Making fun of one's own group is different from making fun of somebody else' Fortran IV writes Randall Munroe's xkcd webcomic has done some odd things before, but #1190, 'Time,' is something special. It's a time-lapse movie of two people building a sandcastle that's been updating just once an hour (twice an hour in the beginning) for well over a month (since March 25th), and after over a thousand frames shows no sign of ending; in a few days the number of frames will.

Xkcd enlightens us on six different viewpoints on internet privacy. Read More. Leave Comment. By Ashraf-August 29, 2013. The (extremely odd) questions people ask Google [Comic] Why is psychic weak to bug? Read More. 2 Leave Comment. By Ashraf-July 24, 2013. To put it simply, Windows sucks at estimating time [Comic] Comic pokes fun at how Windows almost always inaccurately estimates how much. 14. pyLDAVis. Finally, pyLDAVis is the most commonly used and a nice way to visualise the information contained in a topic model. Below is the implementation for LdaModel(). import pyLDAvis.gensim pyLDAvis.enable_notebook() vis = pyLDAvis.gensim.prepare(lda_model, corpus, dictionary=lda_model.id2word) vis. 15 Copied from http://preshing.com/files/xkcd_pw.js.php - xkcd_pw.j Don't let one mistake stop you from having good interactions with other people. Just smile and try to listen more than you talk. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but so are lots of things that are worth doing. Your mistakes don't define you; it's how you respond to them. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 19 Helpful 67. Question. If someone is not racist for being attracted to members of a.

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This is me having fun by myself and feelin' beholden t' no bugger. I try to maintain a buffer of unpublished work and an every-other-Friday posting schedule. No guarantees: hobbies are the first thing to go by the board in the event of pressure. My Stories 2; Favorite Stories 56; Favorite Authors 13; Sort: Category. Published. Updated. Title. Words. Chapters. Reviews. Status. Harry & the. The Perry Bible Fellowship was founded at Syracuse University in 2001 with Albert Birney and Evan Keogh.Never intending the comic to have a future, they named it The Perry Bible Fellowship. Perhaps because of this, it went on to be published in many alt newsweeklies including the New York Press, as well as The Guardian and Playboy.It is the winner of Ignatz, Harvey, and Eisner awards Here are 12 amazing things DuckDuckGo can do that Google can't. 1. Social media bio. DuckDuckGo lets you see the social media profiles of people without leaving the search engine. So, search for. Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think June 13, 2014 316 . Religion for the Nonreligious October 19, 2014 791 . 10 Types of 30-Year-Old Single Guys October 9, 2013 666 . From Muhammad to ISIS: Iraq's Full Story September 12, 2014 317 . Follow these special men. 412,637. Take for example this XKCD comic. It takes something like using a computer, which is something that I can guarantee that all three of my readers are familiar with, and make it sound like you just sit there tapping buttons to change patterns of lights. By the logic that you can take any everyday thing and make them sound piteous I will now try to dissect situations like this in the most.

Brain Candy for Happy Mutants THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED! Don't edit it directly. See README.org tags section of CONTRIBUTING.org for the instructions.. This is an overview of Spacemacs configuration layers. For information about configuration layer development see Configuration layers development

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But having read Munroe's self-description I am inclined to show less mercy: I'm just this guy, you know? I'm a CNU graduate with a degree in physics. Before starting xkcd, I worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia. As of June 2007 I live in Massachusetts. In my spare time I climb things, open strange doors, and go. SonOfThornhill ( talk) 15:04, 30 January 2013 (UTC) Nobody is proposing that the title has a colon in it. The proposal is that the title is Star Trek and that Into Darkness is a subtitle, in which case proper Wikipedia style is to separate the two titles with a colon when presenting them on a single line

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How long it would take a computer to crack your password Image: xkcd.com. Problems (in life and also in computer science) can often seem big and scary. But if we keep chipping away at them, more often than not we can break them down into smaller chunks trivial enough to solve. This is the essence of thinking recursively, and my aim in this article is to provide you, my dear reader, with the conceptual tools necessary to approach problems from this. Feb 20, 2019 - xkcd.com| Launch Conditions re-posted from https://xkcd.com/2114/ — Tradewide Commercial Mattresses & Pillows twcmattress.co

Please stop writing new serialization protocols. Posted in Design, fun by Scott Locklin on April 2, 2017. It seems that every day, some computer monkey comes up with a new and more groovy serialization protocol. In the beginning, there was ASN.1 and XDR, and it was good. I think ASN.1 came first, and like many old things, it was very efficient Jan 17, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Anna Peeling. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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It's Time We Stopped Pretending That Puzzles Are Fun. They are bad and they must be stopped. By Sloane Hughes. Family Circus Cartoons We Can't Believe They Printed in Newspapers. What type of family is this??? By Keaton Patti and Funny Or Die. Every Noir Detective Movie Ever . The Big Nap - A 1940's Film Parody. By Not Spicy Enough. Voldy Does College. Love Harry Potter? Then you have to. 14. Get out of your comfort zone, even if it's just talking to a stranger at the bus stop. 15. Edit your social media feeds, and take out any negative people. You can just mute them; you don't have to delete them. Tiny Self-Care Ideas for the Body. 1. Give your body ten minutes of mindful attention Clitoris: A feel good story about a touchy subject. At the Knepper house, we speak freely about any and all topics. I am well aware that this is not the case with all families and particularly. But I guess Hinton was wrong when he said, We should stop training radiologists now. You can be good at science and engineering but still not be the right person to forecast employment trends. Filed under Decision Theory, Economics, Jobs, Public Health. 68 Comments. 4 years of an unpopular Republican president -> bad news for Republican support among young voters -> continuation of.

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Well if I am lying then when I don't post the answer you will know I am lying. But since I will be posting the answer at some point, you might not want to throw around the ad homs so much

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