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History of this Theory. On 3/10, GME had peaked and reached a price of $385.50. From that point, it had declined in price and overall strength. It finally dipped below RSI 53 on 3/23. The data that day was, RSI 53, Open $197.50 High $201.75 Close $181.75 Volume 12,517,039 Join. GME lurking. i.redd.it. Similar Posts in r/Superstonk. r/Superstonk · 2d. GameStop customer service making things right ️ ️ ️. 47.3k 944. Share the link. r/Superstonk · 23h

Ok, defibrillation worked, now 1mg Adrenaline and we are fine. . 22 Reply. regemdeorbis · 40 Good morning dear Americapes, Hi Europoors, Good night Asia und apologies to everyone I forgot, I am a poor (soon rich) Europoorean (forgive my bad english) Data Ape and want to tell you something about beta, as I have seen many wrong and misleading analysis about it in this sub GME tokenized stock is tradable on ftx since two days!! Don't we talk about this? I believe this actually means we do not rely on brokers anymore to hold GME. Someone has to make a post about it. R.I.P Wall Street! I do not have enough karma to do a post myself... pls just google about GME tokenized stock. And upvote me for karma if you want.

Superstonk - reddi

The (un)official song for GME Hodler Apes everywhere. Meant to pump up the whole diamond-handed r/SuperStonk subreddit. Feel free to listen to this while w.. See Tweets about #Superstonk on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation

Rabbit hole, GME years ago

GME : Superstonk - reddit

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Why do the Movie Stock holders call themselves apes? I’ve

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(Reuter's bait and switch) Co-Founder of Ortex confirms6Why do I feel like my reddit adds are trying to mimic RC'soverview for AnthonyMichaelSolveAMC is now the most discussed stock across Reddit andJust got my robinhood card what do guys think about
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