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Conclusion of our Viventor review. Overall, Viventor offers a very complete P2P experience. Their platform is simple and user-friendly. But at the same time has many great features like their secondary market, auto-invest, demo account etc. Even though they are not profitable yet, Viventor has done a lot to secure investors in different manners. Among other things, they have different types of collateral and guarantees on their loans, as well as protect investors from both loan. This Viventor review will help you understand what the platform is all about, how it operates, its features, and some of the risks found in the platform. What is Viventor? Viventor is a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform that connects borrowers and investors across Europe

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I was initially thrilled by Viventor's high interest rates as well as by the website's great ergonomics. Unfortunately, after more than one year, my performance is really disappointing; moreover, in terms of communication, there's a lot of room for improvement. Overall, PeerBerry seems like a much better complement to Mintos than Viventor Viventor is a leading European Peer to Peer Lender, providing mostly short term loans to consumers & businesses around Europe. Offering easy, hands-off returns between 12% and 16%, Viventor is an excellent option for diversification when investing in Euro currency loans Viventor is a Latvian P2P lending platform that is similar to Mintos, which I've already reviewed in another article. Viventor was founded at a later stage than Mintos and is currently smaller, but that doesn't mean it's worse. Straight off the bat, I can tell you that I've been using Viventor successfully and the main reason I use other platforms apart from Mintos (which is the biggest one) is to diversify and protect against platform risk Viventor is a digital peer-to-peer lending platform that allows investors from all the European Economic Area (EEA) and more countries to carry out cross-border investments in financial products granted by non-bank financial institutions (more commonly referred to as Loan Originators). Through a remarkable marketplace, Viventor enables investors to directly invest in different countries, loan types and Loan Originators from all over Europe and abroad. In order to reduce the. Viventor ratings - completely useless. Again, I previously was critical of Mintos ratings (and still think they are crap), but Viventor takes the rating process to new level. It sounds like a bad joke: Why does Atlantis have a A credit rating, when they keep extending loans? Loan extensions are not a reason to adjust a credit rating. Credit ratings are adjusted based on the portfolio and financial information provided by the Loan Originator. The latest Atlantis Financiers rating.

Fazit des neuen Viventor Review. Das Warten hat sich gelohnt! Viventor läuft wieder rund, das Geld fließt wieder und die Plattform gibt richtig Gas! Da werde ich natürlich dabeibleiben und habe meinen Geldhahn erstmal wieder aufgedreht, damit mein Portfolio zu den anderen großen aufschließen kann Viventor Review - Conclusion Obviously, Viventor is one of the many p2p lending platforms you can choose from but does the platform deserve your money? With rates as high as 16% and the unique feature of Payment Guarantee, I think it deserves a fair shot Obwohl, Viventor viele Sicherheiten anbietet, so kann auch auf dieser P2P-Plattform hohe Verluste erzielt werden (10). Obwohl das Viventor Unternehmen seine Anleger in manchen Punkten im Dunkeln lässt, scheint die Plattform doch sehr gute Gewinne für Investoren zu machen. Mit einem Kreditvolumen von mehr 130 Mio Investing with Viventor can earn you higher returns compared to other investment opportunities 1. You can start investing with just 10€ - you don't have to be an expert in investing to earn profit Viventor Review Conclusion. Overall, our impression of Viventor was extremely positive. It has a huge number of incredible features, as well as an amazing user interface. It is adequately responsive to all the investors who have experienced as well as the ones who are first-timers

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  2. VIVENTOR Opinions 2020 Review Viventor is a Latvian marketplace of loans created at the end of 2015, around the same time as other illustrious examples of Baltic crowdlending such as Mintos or Twino, which sums up the philosophy of the Latvian P2P lending: high profitability in loans with Buyback
  3. Final Thoughts on Viventor Review. The peer to peer industry is an important and fast growing industry especially as interest rates remain at historic lows. Viventor has emerged as one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe. You should consider creating a P2P portfolio that invests in companies like Viventor to secure your financial future. More Information. Viventor .
  4. Viventor Review: Making Loan Investments Simple and Accessible With the high returns and low risks that peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms offer, you're probably looking for the best platform to use as your investment vehicle
  5. Viventor is a great platform compared to its competitors, it offers interesting returns and a vibrant secondary market. It has thousands of loans available and dozens of loan originators so it is not likely that your funds will sit idle for long
  6. Viventor Review: Buy and Hold zahlt sich aus. Viventor. Lange Zeit ist es still gewesen um die gelbe Plattform aus Lettland und es wird höchste Zeit für das nächste Viventor Review. Denn ich habe schon diverse Mails bekommen, ob die Plattform denn nun tot sei oder warum ich nicht mehr darüber berichten würde
  7. Viventor is a digital peer-to-peer lending platform that allows investors from all the European Economic Area (EEA) and more countries to carry out cross-border investments in financial products granted by Loan Originators

VIVENTOR Review: Peer to Peer Lending group page. VIVENTOR is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that offers investments in a wide range of loans, differentiated by type, country and originator. Viventor is open to international investors. Founded: 2016 Origin: Latvia Buyback guarantee: Yes Secondary Market: Yes Autoinvest: Yes Minimum investment: 10 EU Primeros Pasos en Viventor Review El registro en Viventor sigue las pautas estándar de otras plataformas de crowdlending, con los pasos de rellenar un cuestionario previo, confirmar el email, subir documentos de verificación y realizar la primera aportación de fondos. Requisitos para crear una cuenta de inversor en Viventor Viventor Review. Description. Viventor is currently negatively debated in the investors community. The former CEO left the company and it remained without leadership for a while. Furthermore, market development is negative as the platform got a huge blow from the corona crisis. There is also a conflict of interest, as the investment company behind viventor - Atlantis Financiers - has been.

Viventor Review - Buy and Hold zahlt sich aus Zu Viventor http://bit.ly/lars-goes-viventor Zum Artikel http://bit.ly/viventor_2018 Abonniere JETZT meine.. Viventor. Viainvest. There are several peer-to-peer lending platforms that you can choose to invest with. But one thing that's for sure is that they are not the same. Some offer higher returns on interest compared to others, while others have more investment options

Viventor review. Posted on 11 Marzo 2020 Updated on 5 Gennaio 2021 by p40l0m4r Categorie: p2p lending, recensioni, Senza categoria. ATTENZIONE!! LA PIATTAFORMA STA PASSANDO UN PERIODO DI ILLIQUIDITA'. MEGLIO ATTENDERE PRIMA DI INVESTIRCI. Dopo un po' di tempo, mi appresto a scrivere una nuova review di una piattaforma, che ho sperimentato ed utilizzato molto nell'ultimo periodo: Viventor. Viventor review: What is Viventor? If you are looking for a secure investment opportunity to go ahead with, Viventor is one of the best opportunities available out there to consider. Therefore, you can get your hands on this investment opportunity and try it without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind. Viventor follows a safe approach when it is lending. The pre-funding of loans and.

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11,49%. At the end of May 2021, the XIRR for my PeerBerry portfolio was 11,49%. The performance of my PeerBerry portfolio fluctuates slightly, depending on the offered interest rates. Overall, I consider that it's a great result when taking the platform's reliability into account Viventor review - will it survive 2021? Kristaps Mors: Dec 29, 2020: 8: 1: 2020 has been a very tough year for Viventor - loans funded is still down close to 90% when compared to last year. How does it compare to other marketplaces? And will Viventor make it in 2021? Let's have a look. Read → Create your profile. Set photo. Sign up for the newsletter. Save & Post Comment. Only paying. In diesem Beitrag berichte ich über meinen Test der P2P Plattform von Viventor und über die bei der Anmeldung gemachten Erfahrungen. Bei Viventor handelt es sich um ein in Riga, Lettland ansässiges Unternehmen, welches 2015 gegründet wurde. Über die Plattform wurden bislang Kredite in Höhe von mehr als 130 Millionen Euro vermittelt 22 people have already reviewed ViVentor. Read about their experiences and share your own! Do you agree with ViVentor's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 22 customers have already said. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About ViVentor Reviews 22 • Average . 3.2. vive ntor.com. Visit this. Viventor Erfahrungen im Test der P2P Plattform. Viventor ist eine P2P Plattform, auf der Anleger seit dem Jahre 2016 investieren können. Das Unternehmen vergibt dabei keine eigenen Kredite, sondern arbeitet mit anderen Kreditgebern zusammen, manchmal auch Darlehensanbahner genannt. Unsere Viventor Erfahrungen zeigen, dass es die Plattform.

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Today I looked for Viventor reviews published or updated withing the last six months. I was only interested in those of them that gave a final score (it was always a system of five stars, with five meaning highest score). I also looked for opinions at portals, such as Trustpilot. With that I calculated an overall score for Viventor, which turned out to be. Viventor Reviews. 19 Reviews | 4.0 Rating Visit Site Reviews Reviews Trust Score Trust Questions & Answers Q&A Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) Tell us about your experience with Viventor: Your name: Your email address: Reviews 19. 9 Reviews . 2 Reviews . 3 Reviews . 0 Reviews . 5 Reviews . We collate all the best reviews from around the Internet so you. Viventor as peer to peer lending marketplace provides access to crowd capital for the lenders, and flexible, diversified, hustle free investment opportunities to investors. All loan originators available on our crowdfunding platform are professional financial service providers, compliant with all relevant regulations in their respective country of operations. Further on, Investors choose. Viventor is a European P2P investment site that has been quietly growing and adding lenders to its platform over the last 12 months. So far investors have purchased €115 million of loans and the platform now offers loans from 16 different lenders. The rates offered by Viventor tend to be high - the average investor returns have been over 13% to date Viventor doesn't have enough reviews on Trustpilot to draw any conclusions. Negative reviews date a few years back when the platform was new, but loan supply was a problem then - and still is. Pros - What We Like. Daily, weekly, or monthly reports by e-mail; Many options to filter account statement ; Tax report; Mobile app; Information about loan originators; Cons - What We Don't.

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Viventor's dashboard by 1st of Jan 2021. Active investments in Atlantis Financiers - 290 EUR in total by 1st of Jan 2021. CbC and Monify loans are in status of Funds in transit and not considered as active investments. My actual XIRR does not quite correspond to the one calculated by platform (14.97% vs 12.36% [as of Nov 2020]) Home All P2P Platforms Viventor Review Viventor Review. 2887 . Add your review. Viventor. Description; Additional information; Reviews (0) 7.2 /10 (Expert Score) Product is rated as #5 in category All P2P Platforms. Viventor TEST Summary Text. Availability. 5. Average Return. 8. Secondary Market. 10. Auto-Invest. 10. Buyback. 10. Bonus. 0. PROS: Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 3; CONS: Con 1 Con 2 Con 3. viventor review and secondary market strategy - part 2 Blog. The first part dealt with viventor in general and my experiences with viventor. It goes on with my secondary market strategy and how I have pushed my yield this year. My secondary market strategy. I used this strategy very successfully between December and March, but now it only brings in revenue occasionally. The success of my. Read or write Viventor P2P investments reviews from the Smart Money People community. if you're considering using Viventor, read our reviews from people like you to decide whether it's the best product for you. Our reviews come from people who have used the product, so can offer some great insight as to whether it's good or bad. Been a Viventor P2P investments customer in the past? Write a. The alternative P2P platforms I use are Bondora, Swaper, Dofinance, Debitum, Viventor, Klearlending. Mintos Review Conclusion. In this review, you have probably already sensed that I am delighted with my investments in Mintos so far. The returns have been stable, and the platform is super sound. With Mintos, I really have the vibe that my investments are safe (as safe an investment could be.

Viventor Review: Making Loan Investments Simple and Accessible With the high returns and low risks that peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms offer, you're probably looking for the best platform to... Continue Reading. About Me. Hello and welcome to the Finance Freedom blog! My name is Lukas, I am in my mid 20's, a simple dude from Estonia, who started investing at 2014. Read more. Job. Viventor is a similar site to Mintos, just smaller. Some secured loans are available. There are multiple lenders listed on the site, but the quality can vary (see our Viventor lender ratings for details). October is focused on lending to small businesses in France, Spain and Italy. Rates are often a little lower than the other sites we list here, but some investors will like October due to the.

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Viventor, Riga, Latvia. 1,594 likes · 17 talking about this · 1 was here. Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers investments opportunities in mortgage-backed, consumer, invoice.. Viventor Review - P2P Kredite Passives Einkommen fuer . P2P Kredite Anbieter verfügen im Gegensatz zu Banken über keine Einlagensicherung. Es muss damit gerechnet werden, dass Kredite von den Kreditnehmern nicht zurückgezahlt werden können und das investierte Geld damit verloren ist. Selbst die Rückkaufgarantien mancher Anbieter können nicht vollständig schützen, da auch der.

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What marketing strategies does Viventor use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Viventor Viventor is an innovative P2P investment marketplace that connects non-bank lending companies from the one side and investors from the other side. This is the best place to invest money in P2P lending. We've built a simple and user-friendly crowdlending platform accessible to all peer to peer investors across Europe. Clients can be sure the investing with Viventor is safe and our products are. As always, I would like everyone to know that this is an 100% impartial and unbiased review of RoboCash. What Is RoboCash? Based in Latvia, RoboCash is a peer-to-peer lending investment platform that you can invest in pre-funded, very short-term personal loans. The platform was founded in February 2017 and although it's a young platform by itself, it represents a group of companies with more.

viventor review and secondary market strategy - part 1 Blog. Viventor will be my most profitable platform this year, that is already clear. My Viventor experiences and what I have experienced on the platform in recent years can be found in this article. Continue reading → 23rd October 2018 28th October 2018 erascal Tagged viventor Leave a comment viventor p2p provider. viventor is a p2p. Last year I published my Viventor platform review; it did not disappoint since and now they are offering you (and me) a 1% bonus if you invest with Viventor. The bonus is valid until the end of the month, so if you are interested, be fast and use this promo code: BQ5082. If you are already an investor, let me know your experience on the platform. I recently 'speculated' buying Aforti loans.

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The interface on both the web and mobile app makes it as easy to both review projects and make investments. From the standpoint of use, October has a great platform. The question for an investor is whether or not the kind of structure that October uses is a good fit for their investing goals. There basically no way to sell a loan once you invest in it, and this may be a hindrance for investor How to get a 90€ Bonus on IUVO Group. For this to work, you need to first request a referral to IUVO Group here. After receiving an invitation via mail and signing up using the link in the mail, IUVO Group adds an extra 30€ to your account if you invest 1.000€ (that's a 3% Bonus) and you get an additional 60€ Bonus if you invest. Kviku Finance is the new P2P loan investment platform created by the Kviku Group, a Russian fintech company specializing in short-term microcredits and which already originates on platforms such as Mintos, where it has a B rating, Bondster or Viventor.. In this review we share all our opinions about Kviku.finance as users of it Don't miss it

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Viventor Review 2021 - In this guide, you will be taken through Viventor from a to z step by step, From how to sign up to the conclusion. Click here to read mor ; Viventor is open to both: individuals and companies. To qualify as an investor, it is required to: Possess a bank account in one of the countries of the European Economic Area (European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein); Be. Today I looked for Viventor reviews published or updated withing the last six months. I was only interested in those of them that gave a final score (it was always a system of five stars, with five meaning highest score). I also looked for opinions at portals, such as Trustpilot. With that I calculated an overall score for Viventor, which turned out to be 3.8 out of 5.0. Below, I'm showing. P2P Lending Marketplace News and Reviews. viventor Hunger for Liquidity - State of P2P Lending in Times of the Coronavirus. March 20, 2020 March 20, 2020 wiseclerk 3 Comments. Not only the stock markets, but also the p2p lending sector is heavily impacted by the current coronavirus situation. In this article I'll try to give an overview of what's currently the situation. I watched the. Having just received the 5th in a series of update emails from Viventor, I thought I would post a positive review of their efforts. They have embarked down the road of providing analysis of the financial stability of their loan originators, accompanied by market analysis and explanations of the platforms actions during the C-19 crisis 22 personas ya han opinado sobre ViVentor. ¡Lee sus experiencias y cuenta la tuya propia

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Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers investments in mortgage-backed loans. Website. Founders Viventor. COO , Andris Rozenbahs. LinkedIn . Type: Entrepreneur. Description: Andris has 15 years of experience in alternative finance and real estate. He has successfully exited one of the leading European payday loan companies. Operations Officer, Toms Niparts. LinkedIn | Twitter. Viventor continues to grow both the business and the community around it, while also investing in global expansion and feature development. The company expects to reach a break-even point in 2020. We are proud to be a part of this project and hope that Viventor will be the go-to app for all private investors in Europe! Contact us We are excited to hear your idea and we are always open to. Viventor | 1,720 followers on LinkedIn. Investing In Loans Made Simple And Accessible | Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending platform offering quality investment opportunities secured by Buyback. Viventor má 8200+ investorů z celé Evropy. Na platformě je zhruba 70% půjček spotřebitelských, 20% financování faktur a 10% podnikatelské půjčky. Na Viventoru je aktivních 16 poskytovatelů. V červnu 2020 změnila platforma Viventor vlastníka, když ji koupil Lotus 597 B.V., holandská investiční společnost, člen Gielen Group Para além da Raize tenho também conta na Twino e na Viventor. Estas são empresas estrangeiras de empréstimos Peer2Peer mas a particulares e não a empresas. Nestes casos tenho ativa a opção de só investir em empréstimos com BuyBack garantido, ou seja, se o particular falhar o pagamento, a empresa assume a dívida e paga o valor que falta mais os juros. Mesmo com BuyBack os juros andam.

The third platform I will mention here is Viainvest. As for other platforms in this review, Viainvest proposes a buyback guarantee on most of the loans present on the platform, which is something very nice to have as an investor. Their auto-invest function also works great, and is very easy to setup Höre dir kostenlos Folge 71: Viventor | Viele Fragen, Aber Keine Antworten! und neunundneunzig Episoden von Re:think P2P Kredite Podcast an! Anmeldung oder Installation nicht notwendig. 34.849 Euro P2P Portfolio Update: Upgrade bei TWINO und Bondora Go&Grow [#100]. 270.000 Euro [mit 50% Hebel] bei Crowdestor investiert! [#99]

Get All The Facts About Mintos In This 2020 Updated Review☑️NEW - Viventor Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | BeerMoneyForumEvoEstate Review: My Favorite Real Estate CrowdfundingVIVENTOR Opinions 2020 Review - AlternativeInvestmentsHow to Invest in Viventor Peer to Peer: A Complete Review

Contribute to sherstoi/viventor development by creating an account on GitHub Bei Viventor* habe ich erst vor kurzem wieder etwas Geld platziert. Mehr soll aber definitiv folgen. Neben meinen sich im Ausfall befindenden Aforti-Krediten (bei denen ich immer noch minimal Hoffnung habe ), habe ich mir zwei Atlantis Financiers Kredite mit -10% Discount geschnappt. Beim Wiederaufbau des Portfolios werde ich, wie bei Mintos, die Ratings vo Maximale Hebelwirkung: 1:500 Eigenschaften: Black Bulls Markets bietet Ihnen Meta Trader 4 für verschiedene Geräte und eine Web Trader Plattform, die in Kürze eingeführt wird.Sie können auch soziale Handelssysteme wie Myfxbook, SwipeStox und PsyQuation integrieren. Die Forex Broker bieten auch Virtual Private Server mit niedriger Latenzzeit für Prime Accounts, die ohne Ausfallzeiten.

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