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I'm trying to set up Coldcard to work with Electrum via USB cable. I've followed the steps here: However, I'm still getting the No hardware device detected. error when trying to set up a new wallet. I've unlocked Coldcard with the PIN, restarted the computer, tried different computers, etc On electrum I am keep getting . No hardware device detected. To trigger a rescan, press 'Next'. On Linux, you might have to add a new permission to your udev rules. Debug message bitbox02: (error getting device infos) Missing libraries for bitbox02. Make sure you install it with python3 coldcard: (error getting device infos No hardware device detected. To trigger a rescan, press 'Next'. If your device is not detected on Windows, go to Settings, Devices, Connected devices, and do Remove device. Then, plug your device again. While this is less than ideal, it might help if you run Electrum as Administrator. Debug message

Ledger Nano not detected on Electrum / connection failed

Electrum wallet not detecting Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet I've removed and re-added the nano s to the device list in windows settings and it shows up as connected and ready to use but Electrum just keeps saying no hardware wallet detected You need to modify the ledger.py file found in x:\Program Files (x86)\Electrum-RVN\electrum\plugins\ledger. You can use notepad to modify it. Under DEVICE_IDS = [ you should see something like (0x2c97, 0x0001), # Nano-S. You need to change it to (0x2c97, 0x1015), # Nano-S. Here are the codes for the different Ledger Select Use a hardware device and click next. The program will scan to see if a hardware device is available. If so, you should see the option to select an unnamed ledger [ledger, initialized] Ledger Nano: Electrum, no hardware device detected. Discussioni e materiale su wallet hardware. Consigli, test, situazioni particolari, fotografie, shots e altro su dispositivi hardware per bitcoin. Moderator: alex2sats. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. cmd26 Posts: 3 Joined: Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:18 am. Ledger Nano: Electrum, no hardware device detected. Post by cmd26 » Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:29 pm.

I install Zclassic Electrum, with Ledger Nano S. Message when installing: No hardware device detected. Can the wallet work with Ledger Nano S? WINDOWS 10pro, 64bi Error message when trying to open the portable electrum wallet: No hardware device detected But it IS detected, other stuff works. And I know the Ravencoin app's suppose to be open when accessing this. I tried it all. Updating all app's, and firmware too. I may have updated firmware, before the No hardware detected error occured Coldcard Electrum Setup - No hardware device detected. I know this isn't a support forum, but not sure where to post this question and this place has always been helpful for beginners... I'm trying to set up Coldcard to work with Electrum via USB cable Right-Click on the 'Start' icon > Device Manager. Focusrite interfaces should appear under both: 'Sound, Video & Game Controllers' and 'Focusrite Audio.' If your interface is not shown in Device Manager, please test another USB/Thunderbolt cable and another USB/Thunderbolt port When using these clients : Electrum, Electrum for LTC, Electron Cash or Electron Cash SLP, you may receive this error when selecting Use a hardware device: No hardware device detected To resolve this issue : Make sure you are using the latest release of the client : Electrum Satochip (for BTC): check our Github repositor

Open the Bitcoin app. Launch Electrum from your applications folder. The install wizard opens. Leave the default wallet name and click Next. Select Standard wallet and click Next. At the keystore screen, select Use a hardware device and click Next. Select your Ledger device and click next CSDN问答为您找到Coldcard Electrum Setup - No hardware device detected.相关问题答案,如果想了解更多关于Coldcard Electrum Setup - No hardware device detected.技术问题等相关问答,请访问CSDN问答

No hardware device detected On Linux, you might have to add a new permission to your udev rules. ledger: (error getting device infos) Library version for 'ledger' is incompatible. Installed: unknown, Needed: 0.1.30 <= x < inf Make sure you install it with python Choose the Standard Wallet option and click next. On the third screen you'll see four options: Create a new seed, I already have a seed, Use a master key and Use a hardware device. Select Use a hardware device and click next. The program will scan to see if a hardware device is available My devices are not being detected in windows 10 through my usb ports. Any ideas on how to correct this? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (95) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed | Report abuse Report abuse. Type of abuse. Harassment is any behavior intended to disturb or upset a person or.

Hi again, i was away for about 6 Weeks and updated the Driver to the newest Version 17.7.1. and the Game is running for me now (im not sure, if Wargaming fixed something during the last Patches because i read the Patchnotes and dont find any Information) at least the ATI/AMD Drivers are updated to the last Version and the Game is running Electrum is one of the earliest Bitcoin wallets, having been introduced near the end of 2011. It is a lightweight, no frills wallet that's designed to be easy to use while also maintaining a high level of security

Step 1: Download and install the Electrum wallet from their official website. Step 2: When configuring in the installation wizard, choose the 'Standard wallet' option. Step 3: Now connect your Ledger wallet to the PC, enter the PIN and pick the BTC app. Step 4: Select the 'Use a hardware device' function from the list To diagnose the issue, I would request you to provide following information -. B. Also Windows key+x > Device manager > View (on top) > Show hidden devices > Expand Sound, video and game controllers adapters > Double click on your audio driver to open Properties > Driver tab > Post the screenshot. Here is 4 step guide on how to fix Logitech G hub no Devices Detected.#Logitech-----­-----My Configuration:CPU:. After latest windows 10 update no audio devices are listed/ Looking in device manager - the audio devices all say working OK. But on bar at bottem of screen get speaker with red cross -- Playing audio - Audio trouble shouter cannot find any problems. Sound settings say - No output or Input devices found. Have tried to re-install Realtek audio drivers for motherboard -- installed but no. No limit on driver downloads and updates. What We Don't Like. An internet connection is needed to scan for driver updates . Always shows a button to get the pro version. Tries to install another program during setup. Our Review of Driver Booster. Driver Booster is the best free driver updater program. It's compatible with all versions of Windows and makes updating drivers simple. It runs.

hp-detect-load-my-device-portlet Actions ${title} Loading... hp-country-locator-portlet Actions ${title} Loading... Country/Region: United States. Select a location. Americas. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Select a language. Confirm Back. Need help? The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Please try again shortly.. Do not bother getting the hardware ID yet - just observe that this happens (which indicates you are good so far and don't have a bad cable or something). Go to the phone and switch on USB Debugging in the Developer section of your phone. Notice that an additional item appears as an undefined device now in the device manager list, it will have the yellow exclamation mark and it may have the.

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Generally speaking, no, you do not need an xorg.conf. xorg is pretty good about autodetecting hardware and setting everything up, so unless you have a very unique system it should just work. Not sure about the glx because I do not use nvidia. Thanks, looking for someone who uses Nvidia because I know Xorg works fine without it. Just wondering if the xorg.conf file which Nvidia created is. After upgrading my operating system to Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, my NI devices are no longer detected in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or Device Manager. Solution. Make sure you have a compatible driver installed by checking the following compatibility documents. National Instrument Product Compatibility for Microsoft Windows 10; National Instruments Product Compatibility for. No device detected. Please connect a device. How to fix the error? After analyzing several posts on how to fix iCUE no device detected error, here I have summarized some top solutions for your reference. If you do not know how to fix the error, please try the following solutions one by one. Solution 1. Restart Corsair Utility Engin

Electrum / Ledger - No hardware device detected : ledgerwalle

To do this, it is worth running the following commands in the Terminal to install the i2c-tools utility. sudo apt-get install -y python-smbus sudo apt-get install -y i2c-tools. If you're not using a modern Raspbian or you want to do it by hand, you can! Open LXTerminal or console or ssh and enter the following command: sudo nano /etc/modules No device detected. aber nautilus zeigt ihn an und ich hab auch volle rechte auf den stick . mit . lsusb. bekomme ich folgendes. Bus 003 Device 003: ID 090c:1000 Feiya Technology Corp. Memory Bar Bus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 Bus 002 Device 002: ID 08ff:2580 AuthenTec, Inc. Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000

How to get Electrum to recognize Ledger Nano S hardware

Logitech Options (v8.20.233) on macOS Catalina (10.15.5) keeps saying 'No devices detected' when I have my Logitech MX Master (first version) connected and working via bluetooth. This has blocked me from being able to customise the mouse buttons. Tried deleting and reconnecting the mouse several times, installed the latest version of Logi Options but no luck so far. 1. Comments 6 comments. It may give warnings about no valid hashes within 3 seconds but this is fine, as the U3 has a higher hashrate, confusing cgminer but not noticeably affecting performance. If your hardware errors are low you're fine. These older version of cgminer do not allow a clock rate over 250MHz. This is pretty good for most people as that's moderately high power but in theory the chips will run up to. Disclaimer: I am using Bootcamp for my iMac. I had no issues of this sort before today. I had just updated my Windows 10 Home to OS Build 18362.959. Before this, my PC detected my AMD R9 M290 PulseAudio not detecting any devices. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 16k times 6. 2. While using my laptop, at some point I noticed that my internal laptop microphone wouldn't work (but it was listed in Sound Settings -> Input) so I restarted my machine and then poof - PulseAudio detects no Output and no Input devices: I have no idea what caused this. I.

Re: 17.2.1 driver bug and r9 390 no hardware detected. I have a somewhat similar problem, when i updated my drivers my 2nd monitor either reflected (reflected as in doing the exact same thing) my 1st one treating it as one unit, or didn't detect it at all. What works for me is just uninstalling the new drivers, which works until i restart and. Way 3: Use Hardware and Device Troubleshooter to Fix Monitor Not Detected by PC. If the second monitor still no sound/signal detected on Windows 10 computer after trying the methods above, use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix this issue. Press Windows and W keys together and then type Troubleshooting in the search box Realtek audio drivers are not being detected as a driver i recently updated to windows 10 2004 and had no problems for the first 15 days. After that i started to experience crashes for even the smallest task, soon my audio drivers started to crash and a restart would help to get it working again. But after it crashed yesterday it never worked after that. i tried every method given to fix it.

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Ledger is not connected to the Electrom wallet · Issue #33

  1. No Device Detected in Corsair Utility Engine. Despite getting frequent updates, numerous users come across a problem where they see the message 'No Device Detected' in the software. This is a very recurring issue and usually occurs in two scenarios: Your device is not connected to your computer, hence Corsair Utility Engine cannot detect it. Your device is connected to your computer, is.
  2. Location: Los Angeles. Re: No Device Detected. Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:02 pm. I would try uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting, and then check again. You could also try disabling driver signature verification from the advanced boot menu just to see if the card is working otherwise. Ryzen 3900X 4.4Ghz
  3. I just finished reinstalling Atmel Studio 7, and it updated the firmware in the ICE after that, but still no change. I can use the EDBG on my SAM20Xplained board and get the signature to work. I have two different ICE pods and both are giving me the same results

No supported AMD hardware was detected. These issues persisted after I recently gave my computer a clean installation of Windows 7. While I was able to install myself up to Catalyst 14.12 (I first had to install an old Catalyst 13.9 driver I held on to), I can't seem to get Catalyst 15.4 or I believe anything after that installed because of. Hardware Not Detected by PaletteApp Andy October 31, 2019 13:24 Check your System Report for Palette hardware macOS. Select the Apple icon from the top left corner of your display ; Choose About this Mac Choose System Report from the lower middle (example above) Choose USB from the left sidebar; Verify that Palette Multi-Function Device is listed. If it is not, please contact. No Networking Hardware Available after Windows 10 Upgrade Jump to solution. XPS 13 (9343) Dell Wireless (Broadcom) 1560. Dell Wireless 1560 802.11c shows up in Device Manager as working properly. Driver version In Network and Sharing Center when I go to set up a new connection Windows tells me that Windows could not detect any networking hardware. I have a shiny new Ultrabook.

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Re: 17 R5, no supported AlienFX devices were detected. Jump to solution. If you have Windows 10 Pro, right click on the Start Menu button at the bottom left of your task bar and select Computer Management. In the window that opens up navigate to Local Users and Groups-->Users. In the Users folder there is an account called Administrator that is. Driver version installed. Currently 19.12.1, but we are trying to install 19.12.2 but if fails. Display Devices. LG 32UD59-B, 4k monitor, plugged by Display Port ( the last port on the right) Motherboard + Bios Revision. Gigabyte z390 Designare, Bios F8; CPU/APU. Intel 9900k; Power Supply Unit Make, Model & Wattage. EVGA Supernova 1200 P2; RAM. From that my Xcode is not detecting my device. Am just getting iOS Device and simulator options in my Xcode. But am getting my device in older version of Xcode and iTunes. For this i updated my MAC OS version to 10.7.4 and Xcode version to 4.3.3. But still am facing the same problem. Now how to make my Xcode to detect my device? xcode ipad device. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited. Unfortunately, the SAM4S Xplained Pro has no test point or jumper for the erase pin. This was confirmed by Atmel support, which suggested that I would attach a wire directly to pin 87 of the processor in order to assert it high and induce erasing of the chip. Pretty difficult on a processor with 0.5mm pitch If Synapse 3 is not detecting your Razer device, it may be caused by either a software or a hardware issue. It may also be caused by using the incorrect vers..

Electrum wallet not detecting Ledger Nano S Hardware

Hardware target not detected Vivado 2017.2. I am trying to connect via JTAG to TE0711 Board through the carrier Board i have designed. When i click Hardware manager-> Open target, the localhost (0) is detected but not the FPGA device. The Green light on the Platform Cable USB II is ON, The Green light on Trenz Board is ON Alienware 17 R5 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070, QHD) Laptop arrived.. Alienware Command Center Suite says: No supported AlienFX devices were detected. Alienware Command Center will enable the full FX experience once an AlienFX compatible device is connected, Please note that some features may be unavailable without a connected AlienFX device Re: No OpenCL Acceleration Hardware Detected Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:50 am It's not so much that Intel GPU's are insufficient (people on the forum have been using newer Macs with just an Intel GPU), it's because you have an old Intel GPU in your system only uses OpenCL 1.1 and Resolve requires OpenCL 1.2 or above

» Kernel & Hardware » [SOLVED] No sound card detected; Pages: 1 #1 2020-12-29 12:55:26. Miles28 Member From: Spain Registered: 2008-08-31 Posts: 88 [SOLVED] No sound card detected. Hi. I have changed the motherboard and after restarting Archlinux everything works well except the sound card. $ alsamixer cannot open mixer: No existe el fichero o el directorio $ aplay -l aplay: device_list:274. Device detection works by analysing User-Agent (UA) strings, and, in some cases, other HTTP headers. The detection mechanism searches for patterns within the User-Agent to match with an device entry in the device database in real time. High speed API calls can return the appropriate values for any device characteristic stored in the database. For example, the API can be used to return the. Note that I have previously used this device for development on an Arch Linux desktop. I have downloaded Android Studio and created several AVDs. I can run my app and tests on those just fine. However, my hardware device is not listed in the selection dialog. Here are some things I have tried: Check that the USB drivers are installed Click on the 'Java' icon to install java. Unfortunately we were unable to detect your GPU. Please Try-Again or use Manual Driver Search. Keep your drivers up to date. GeForce Experience automatically notifies you of new driver releases from NVIDIA. With a single click, you can update the driver directly, without leaving your desktop

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It connects via bluetooth to iOS devices, or via USB to your computer. Ledger Nano S . The Ledger Nano S is probably the most popular crypto hardware wallet at the time of writing. It costs about $95 and is sold by Ledger, a Bitcoin security company based in France. The Ledger Nano S supports Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero and many other coins. The device creates your private keys. I've been trying to get my bluetooth working for the past few weeks with no luck. The device doesn't appear in Device Manager, and the drivers that I've tried (both from dell, and apart from dell since they only support Vista and XP with Studio 1535) all have given me the response of... Bluetooth not detected. in Hardware & Devices. Hi guys. I just bought a USB Bluetooth Dongle, a Iogear.

Bluetooth driver has not detected that another Bluetooth [...] driver has been istalled and therefore [...] it remains activated instead of the correct driver. iml.de. iml.de. Es kann vorkommen, dass der Windows-eigene [...] Bluetooth-Treiber nicht erkannt hat, dass ein [...] anderer Bluetooth-Treiber installiert [...] wurde und deshalb, anstelle des richtigen Treibers, aktiv ist. iml.de. iml. Use the Hardware Driver Reinstaller in HP Recovery Manager to install the original audio device driver. In Windows, Additionally, reconnect the device in case the computer did not detect it when you previously connected it. For wireless connections, make sure the device is configured and paired to the PC. note: Some desktop computers do not have built-in speakers. Headphones or external. Do not bother getting the hardware ID yet - just observe that this happens (which indicates you are good so far and don't have a bad cable or something). Go to the phone and switch on USB Debugging in the Developer section of your phone. Notice that an additional item appears as an undefined device now in the device manager list, it will have the yellow exclamation mark and it may have the. Fragen Sie einfach! Der Virtual Agent von HP kann Ihnen helfen Probleme mit Ihrem PC oder Drucker zu lösen. Ich bin HPs Virtual Agent. Sagen Sie mir, wonach Sie suchen und ich helfe Ihnen bei der Suche nach Lösungen. Sitzung abgelaufen. Ihre Sitzung beim HP Kundensupport ist abgelaufen. Melden Sie sich erneut an, um fortzufahren » Kernel & Hardware » [SOLVED] No soundcard detected on Dell Inspiron 7591; Pages: 1 #1 2020-04-07 15:04:36. Apoorv41 Member Registered: 2020-04-06 Posts: 14 [SOLVED] No soundcard detected on Dell Inspiron 7591. No sound output, because no soundcard is detected, output from aplay :- aplay: device_list:274: no soundcards found... Any help is greatly appreciated . Last edited by Apoorv41 (2020.

I tried to load geforce experience, which would not open as it said it could not detect any nvidia hardware. Next I went to device manager, where after showing hidden items, I found my card. It was greyed out, and said Code 45: Not detected please check device connection etc,.. After trying a few solutions, like removing all drivers and re. The AMD Driver Auto-detect tool is only for use with computers running Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 or Windows 10 AND equipped with AMD Radeon™ graphics, AMD Radeon Pro graphics, AMD processors with Radeon graphics, or AMD Ryzen™ chipsets.. This tool is designed to detect the model of the AMD Radeon graphics, AMD Ryzen chipset, and version of Microsoft Windows installed in your PC, and then. Re: Alienware 17 R4 - Tobii Eye Tracking not detected in Device Manager. I already i nstalled this BIOS update before several times yesterday, it didn't work. But today I rebooted my labtop, it detected in Device Manager but till showed no Eye Tracker connected Solution 2: Uninstall AMD Driver in Safe Mode. If you still receive the message that no AMD graphics driver is installed or the AMD driver is not functioning properly, you can try uninstalling your AMD driver in Safe Mode and then reinstalling it. Move 1: Enter Safe Mode. Step 1: Press Win + I to open Settings and select Update & Security

Ravencoin Written Tutorial for Ledger Nano S and Electrum

In your system Device Manager, click the Scan for Hardware Changes button (or right-click your computer name and select Scan for hardware changes). If you are running KIES, quit this application while working with RAD Studio. KIES conflicts with the underlying software that RAD Studio uses to detect Android devices In this scenario, the computer does not detect the USB device. Note This issue affects USB 2.0 hubs and USB 2.0 components in USB 3.0 hubs. Cause . This issue occurs because the USB port is disabled after you safely remove the device from the port. Resolution. To resolve this issue, install the Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012 update rollup 2845533, or install the hotfix that is.

Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple can therefore provide no guarantee as to the. If the device recently received an update or you upgraded the driver manually, and Windows 10 cannot detect the second monitor, you can roll back to the previous driver to resolve the issue

Ledger Nano: Electrum, no hardware device detected

No hardware in quartus programmer. I've been using quartus successfully for three years now. However, lately on my windows 10 machine I can't get the blaster to show in the quartus programmer, even though I'm sure the right drivers are installed. On the blater the light is always on. Tryed it in a computer with an older version of windows and. These components don't cover everything the Hardware and devices troubleshooter on Windows 10 did, which is why you may still need to run it. Unfortunately, it is no longer directly accessible from the Settings app. Hardware and devices troubleshooter. The general Hardware and devices troubleshooter was removed in Windows 10 1809. To use it on later versions of Windows 10, tap the Win + R. It can go as far as playing 3D video games with physics run in CUDA and streaming live with hardware encoding, all done in parallel and on the graphics card. FFmpeg supports hardware decoding with the cuvid codecs (i.e. h264_cuvid & hevc_cuvid) and hardware encoding with the nvenc codecs (i.e. h264_nvenc and hevc_cuvid. When you select Connected devices menu, this icon shows the hardware connected to your Windows PC, similar to the Printers & scanners section. So, you can manage all the connected devices, such as USB keyboards, mouse, speakers, microphones, and webcam devices. Step 5 . Now, select Mouse & touchpad menu. Here, you can change the preferences of how your mouse or touchpad will work. Facing a problem like Nvidia graphics driver cannot find compatible graphics hardware, well, you aren't alone. Many users are facing such issues in their windows laptops & PCs. It mostly occurs when you reinstalled Windows OS and installing the Nvidia Graphics Driver right after you have installed the Intel HD Graphics, or you want to update your Nvidia Graphics Driver

I don't see any problems in Hardware & Device manager, and no OS problems either that I can see. It almost seems like a USB problem, but I don't see anyting to confirm that. So, I'm open to suggestion on this one. Thanks. If it's not broken, fix it until it is. Everything makes sense in someone's mind. Ya can't fix stupid. Re: Intermittent 'Pauses' Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-21 10:52. Dave. The hardware detected is not supported by this IDT software package. ‎05-21-2014 06:53 AM - edited ‎05-21-2014 06:55 AM. HP Recommended. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Flag Post ; I accidentally uninstalled my PC audio and IDT audio drive. When I tried to reinstall the IDT audio driver, I got this message. Please help me. My laptop model is HP ENVY. Electrum is one of Bitcoin's most popular wallets. It uniquely walks the fine line between beginner usability and expert functionality. This guide introduces Electrum with step-by-step examples highlighting the most important beginner features. No previous experience with either Bitcoin or Electrum is needed. Learning Electrum requires practice How to Find Hardware Devices in Ubuntu Linux with lshw. Don't you hate when you need to know and exact model of a specific hardware component but don't want to open up the machine or find the original documentation on it? Never fear, Linux has you covered. There are a variety of ways to find out what kind of hardware you're running, but one of the easiest ways that gives you large. Almost every piece of hardware attached to your Windows computer will show up in Device Manager as an installed device. This includes Graphics cards, CPUs, USB devices, disk drives, network adapters, and just about anything else.When the device is first connected to the computer, Windows will detect it and either install the device driver automatically or you install it yourself from CD or the.

No hardware device detected · Issue #61 · z-classic

Video: Sign or derivation path is unusual & No hardware device

Advance hardware devices

Unknown Device Identifier 9.01 Englisch: Der Unknown Device Identifier ist ein detaillierter Gerätemanager, mit dem die Suche nach dem richtigen Treiber vereinfacht wird Users that secured their Bitcoin Cash using a Ledger hardware wallet prior to the hard fork automatically own an equal amount of BSV as they own BCH. Manage your BSV with Electrum SV . BSV is not supported in Ledger Live. Instead, users can manage their BSV using the Bitcoin Cash app on their Ledger device in conjunction with Electrum SV, as instructed below: Before you start. Install the. Seeing as we depend so much on the mouse, it becomes a real pain when the device doesn't get detected in Windows 10. If you don't have a touchscreen, you're stuck. Just like If you don't. Currently own: X220T, X220, X230, X250, T430, T450, W550s 3K, P50 4K Xeon 64GB, 4TB SSD, 1TB SSD, 1TB SSD P50 FHD (Upgraded), 48GB, 1TB SSD, 1TB SSD, 2TB Spinner No bootable devices found. Press F1 key to retry boot. Press F2 key for setup utility. Press F5 key to run onboard diagnostics. Interestingly, if the user presses F1 to retry, the machine then boots normally. This indicates that the problem has to do with the machine not detecting the drive quickly enough during POST to continue with the boot.

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