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How can we enable MFA for system s in Windows 10. What we wanted to do is enable facial recognition using windows hello & then use Microsoft Authenticator Code as the second factor authentication technique. Microsoft Authenticator will be present on user smartphones. Is this possible to implement. Please suggest Die mehrstufige Authentifizierung (MFA) bietet während der Anmeldung eine zusätzliche Schutzebene. Für den Zugriff auf Konten oder Apps müssen Nutzer einen zweiten Identitätsnachweis erbringen, z. B. durch Scannen eines Fingerabdrucks oder Eingabe eines an das Mobiltelefon gesendeten Codes In Windows 10 it is not available to do Azure MFA at the time of . But the Windows Hello for Business is considered strong auth. If you want to do MFA at the time of , Windows Hello For Business (bio metric/PIN etc) is the answer. There is an open feedback item for this: https://feedback.azure It might not be the MFA solution you are looking for, but the closest solution currently available for MFA on Windows Login is Windows Hello for Business: In Windows 10, Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication on PCs and mobile devices. This authentication consists of a new type of user credential that is tied to a device and uses a biometric or PIN Add MFA support to Secure the Windows 10 logon Creating a way to secure the Logon to a Windows 10 workstation with MFA would then remove much of the complexity required to secure all the applications installed upon it (such as DA etc). This would need to have the ability to store offline s somehow which is possible with RSA SecurID

MFA for Windows 10 system

Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung (MFA) - Microsoft Securit

  1. Hey guys ! I wondered if there is a way to provide 2FA on windows (every time) with Intune enrolled device (without any local AD), and all this without using a third party soft like DUO :3 Thanks ! · I wondered if there is a way to provide 2FA on windows (every time) with Intune enrolled device (without any local AD), and all.
  2. al servers. Customize MFA to Windows logon, RDP & RD Gateway connections, IIS sessions, VPN connections, and single sign-on to cloud applications. Hosted on-site it needs no internet connection, and can still protect machines when disconnected from the corporate network
  3. Multi-factor authentication for remote desktops When Windows logon MFA is enabled, it adds MFA to all local and remote Windows attempts. MFA is even more important for users trying to access an organization's internal resources remotely. Virtual private network solutions facilitate remote access but are susceptible to data breaches
  4. al server or VDI to access the data. Those solutions get locked down with MFA. We use Duo, and it's good, and you can also use Azure MFA to secure your local AD systems the same as Duo. As for the people who can't or won't install an app, you can do SMS with Azure MFA. As for people who can't or won't, decide on the security policies for the business and then require employees follow it. You wouldn't change your company security policy if there were a few.

Video: Windows 10 MFA at Login on Azure AD - Microsoft Q&

Log in to the Duo Admin Panel and navigate to Applications. Click Protect an Application and locate the entry for Microsoft RDP in the applications list. Click Protect to the far-right to configure the application and get your integration key, secret key, and API hostname I also enabled Multi Factor Authentication on Azure AD as described below, but it only applies to online services (Office365 etc.) and not Windows10 . https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/authentication/howto-mfa-userstates

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or apps, users provide additional identity verification, such as scanning a fingerprint or entering a code received by phone Die Überprüfungsaufforderungen sind Teil der Azure AD-Anmeldung, bei der die MFA-Abfrage ggf. automatisch angefordert und verarbeitet wird. Verfügbare Überprüfungsmethoden. Wenn ein Benutzer sich bei einer Anwendung oder einem Dienst anmeldet und eine MFA-Aufforderung erhält, kann er eine der registrierten Formen der zusätzlichen Überprüfung wählen. Ein Administrator könnte die Reg

How can we enable MFA on a Windows 10 ? : sysadmi

  1. It seems, that we need Windows Hello for Business for this to work. However, Windows Hello is only supported on Windows 10 1703+, so no MFA for Windows 2008R2 server i guess, unless we implement a 3rd party solution (Duo maybe)
  2. I guess the real question here is whether or not Outlook 2016 on Win 10 does indeed support MFA or not. The other 365 suite seem to; I removed all of them last night and reinstalled, and upon first use of Word & Excel, they popped up that familiar 365 dialog, not a Windows dialog, asked for auth plus code and then began working. Outlook.
  3. Multi-factor authentication(MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) validates user identity with passwords and adds an additional layer of authentication (e...
  4. How can I force windows 10 desktop s to use Azure MFA? It seems that the new release of Windows 10 includes an option for web sign on, and if you have have the PC joined to to Azure AD, then it seems like it might work this way. If so, then how can you force a Windows 10 PC to join an Azure AD via Remote Desktop? That option isnt available throught the normal process of: start -> settings.
  5. Rublon for Windows Logon and RDP integrates with Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems to add MFA (multi-factor authentication) to any Remote Desktop and local logons. To install Rublon For Windows, you need to download a shared package containing the installer and other necessary files

Add MFA support to Secure the Windows 10 logon - Customer

Windows 10; Best Practices. For every account that is to be configured, to ensure that there is no lower-security 'back door' access, remove all sign-in options other than username+password. Yubico Login for Windows adds another method of user verification, which exists in parallel with all sign-in options offered natively. The only user flow it modifies is the username+password. This is fine for web applications and other apps but it seems that windows logon cannot handle mfa request and therefore it fails. Does anyone know if this can be achieved somehow that this scenario works? Could this be handled by conditional access? The goal should be that we can use a windows 10 enterprise or windows 10 s device with azure ad credentials which is authenticated to our company.

Anmelden ohne Passwort: Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit

  1. Duo Authentication for Windows Logon defaults to auto push. After entering your Microsoft Windows username and password, an authentication request will automatically be pushed to the Duo Mobile app on your phone. If auto-push is disabled or if you click the Cancel button on the Duo Prompt, you can select a different device from the drop-down at the top (if you've enrolled more than one) or.
  2. istrative rights to install the Okta Windows Credential Provider Agent, Visual C++ Redistributable and .NET 4.0+. Inline enrollment is not supported. End users cannot enroll a factor during an RDP sign in. End users must have enrolled their MFA factors previously
  3. By setting up MFA, you add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft 365 account sign-in. For example, you first specify your password and, when prompted, you also type a dynamically generated verification code provided by an authenticator app or sent to your phone. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your work or school account with your password like you normally do. After you choose Sign in.

To fix the blank screen, if clearing the Credential Manager doesn't work, you can try a Windows Repair. This fix can take as long as 10 minutes when you choose the Quick option or almost 2 hours when you choose the Full Repair option. The steps are the same for Windows 7 or Windows 10 so follow along. Begin by clicking on Start > type. Windows 2FA always verify identities before allowing access, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your Microsoft Windows account. miniOrange Credential Provider can be installed on Microsoft Windows Client and Server operating systems to enable the Two-Factor Authentication to Remote Desktop (RDP) and local Windows Login Adopting an MFA solution should be a key security initiative for any company, regardless of size and can be one of the easiest and simplest ways to keep user accounts protected. UserLock 10 now offers MFA for Windows alongside contextual controls to give the best balance of security, usability, and cost available today SOLVED: first-time problems when enforcing MFA with AWS; SOLVED: Windows 10 forbidden port bind; Hyper-V virtual switch creation woes; How to recruit the perfect employee (with free resources) Archives. December 2020 (1) September 2020 (2) August 2020 (1) September 2019 (3) August 2019 (1) May 2019 (1) April 2018 (1) February 2018 (1.

With the arrival of Windows 10 1809, Microsoft introduced a new way to sign in to your PC. Besides a I often get the question whether it is possible to enable MFA for Windows. However the feature is not ready yet. I find the sign in process slow if you are used to a pin or facial recognition. Further more Web sign-in is not supported in the Multi Factor Unlock feature with Windows Hello. Adaptive for all endpoints. SecureAuth Endpoint Client integrates your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and servers with the leading adaptive authentication Cloud IAM system. -. Enforce the same risk-based evaluation for cloud app as well as endpoints So we've had some trouble with the MFA lately. The first time I enabled/enforced MFA for my organisation Microsoft had the longest outage for MFA making it impossible to with MFA for a couple of days. Which wasn't a good start for us if you ask me. When this was fixed I waited a while to enable it again. I started gradually this time and. In der aktuellen Version von Windows 10 ist das so meines Wissens nicht möglich, solange du nicht dein Windows 10 mit einem Microsoft Azure AD verknüpft hast. Seltsamerweise habe ich letztens auf einem neu installierten Gerät den Hinweis bekommen, ob ich denn nicht den Authenticator zur Anmeldung verwenden will. Der Aufruf der entsprechenden Funktion führte aber ins Leere. Ich nehme an.

Enable Windows 10 Multifactor Authentication with Windows

Windows 10 is rolled out with a bunch of security options. In addition to the Windows password , Microsoft went for multiple ways for Windows 10 options. Out of these new options for Windows 10 operating system, you may like PIN password for easiness or the 2-Fact auth protocol for an additional layer of security to Windows 10 operating system Multi Faktor Authentifizierung - Benutzer. Wenn der Administrator in Office 365 einen Benutzer für die Multi Faktor Authentifizierung aktiviert hat, dann wird der Anwender bei der nächsten Anmeldung aufgefordert diese Anmeldung zu konfigurieren. Hier beschreibe ich die Schritte meiner eigenen Einrichtung im Januar 2015 Users can use the Okta Credential Provider for Windows to prompt users for MFA when signing in to supported domain joined Windows machines and servers with an RDP client. Additionally, with version 1.2+ of the agent (EA), end users can reset their Active Directory passwords without contacting their administrators. This is done with a Reset Okta Password link on the sign-on screen. Topics. Enable MFA based on OUs and groups: Enforce endpoint MFA and use different sets of authentication techniques for different users based on domain, OU, and group memberships. Ensure 100 percent enrollment: Automate user enrollment by importing users' domain information through CSV files or force enrollment using scripts Yubico Login for Windows is designed to provide strong MFA for logging into local accounts on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computers. It is not suited for logging into any of the following accounts: Azure Active Directory (AAD), Active Directory (AD), Microsoft accounts (e.g. username@outlook.com, username@hotmail.com, username@live.com)

During an Windows 10 / MDM / Syntaro project we faced an issue regarding MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). The customer was a local school where not all students have a smartphone during the class. Because of this, we had the requirement to disable MFA in his environment for Azure AD Joins. Our first idea was to simply disabled the requirement for MFA in the Azure AD Device Settings blade. For Windows 10 | VDI | RDP | Mac | SSH. By adding MFA and removing the password from users, we take the biggest vulnerability out of the hands of the most vulnerable users. This instantly mitigates eight of the most common attack vectors, like SIM swapping, keylogging, credential replay and credential stuffing, all of which are password dependent How to Add MFA to Windows Systems. Organizations looking to safeguard their Windows systems have several options. Unfortunately, layering on MFA via Active Directory for Windows-based environments is not so simple. When considering MFA for Windows, IT admins also need to keep in mind what other resources must be protected beyond a simple set of.

How to Set Up Two Step Authentication in Windows 1

You can have free two-factor authentication Windows for up to 10 Users/Tokens assigned to one Resource. If you need to protect more users, the cost per user in Protectimus' Windows two factor authentication system starts at $1 per user per month, and the more users you add, the lower the cost per user. Find more info on pricing here Is it possible to leverage Okta to require MFA for Windows 10 ? Expand Post. Adaptive MFA; Upvote; Share; 3 upvotes; 2 answers; 1.05K views; Top Rated Answers. Matt Maher - Out sick - 4-28-21 (Okta, Inc.) 2 years ago. Hi Ari, Currently, MFA is only available for Windows Servers through RDP. You can find more details in our documentation below. Help Secure Access to Your Servers with Okta.

With Windows 10's approach to authentication with AAD, internal and external access is no longer relevant and should not be used for your criteria in driving MFA or conditional access. Instead, use the device based conditions such as 'device compliance' or 'domain join' as one of your deciding factors The Logon app supports only password authentication for the initial user . If you install the Logon app on a computer that supports biometric features, such as Touch ID or Windows Hello, users cannot use those features to log in. Users must log in with a password and AuthPoint MFA. After the initial , users can use biometrics

How to setup Windows 10 logons to require MFA without

  1. 1- Windows 2016 machine for MFA deployment, IP: 192.168..15. 2- Windows 2016 for gateway and NPS deployment, IP: 192.168..14. 3- Target resource, it may be windows 2016, 2012 R2, 2012. Theoretically, earlier versions of target resource such as windows 2008 R2 should work using the procedure in this article, but i didn't test this, no guarantee
  2. ate credential reuse, and stop phishing attacks while accelerating employee productivity
  3. A comprehensive two-factor authentication solution for Microsoft RDP and Windows Logon. Support for Windows Server 2012/2016 and Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Quick setup, event monitoring, time-controlled resource access, support for Active Directory, wide range of security tokens. Try it for free
  4. Hello, I just bought a Lastpass family subscription. However, the windows 10 app doesn't work : When I launch the application, I land on the authentication screen. I put my email/password and submit. Since I enabled MFA, a popup appears to enter a code. But this popup immediately close, without letting me the opportunity to type my code

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Windows 10

Yubikey 5 Windows Hello for Business Login Configuration. Configuring your Yubikey for Windows Hello for Business authentication is also a breeze. You just have to push the configuration payload to each device, then have the user run Windows Hello normally. They will be prompted to enter a PIN, after which their inserted Yubikey will be. For newly upgraded machines (Windows 10 v1803), part of the Out-of-the-Box Experience (OOTBE) is setting up Windows Hello for Business. During Windows Hello for Business enrollment, you are prompted for a second form of authentication ( into the machine is the first). Using Okta to pass MFA claims means that Okta MFA can be used for authorization eliminating the confusion of a second MFA.

Celestix MFA transforms the way IT executives protect their users and data by going beyond two-factor and multi-factor authentication. With the Celestix MFA Windows Logon, mobile workers can securely access corporate applications, data, documents, and back-office systems from virtually any device or location-without putting the corporate network and sensitive information at risk Beyond Windows 10. There is a whole world of apps beyond the Windows 10 and the Microsoft ecosystem. Okta manages identity, provisioning, and security for Microsoft 365 bundles, and thousands of other applications in the Okta Integration Network. Reach beyond Windows 10 to access more applications, infrastructure, and devices Even if somebody knows your Remote Desktop password, they cannot log in because you will deny all their attempts by tapping Deny on your phone. Mobile Push is an easy yet highly secure method of authentication that protects your logons with strong Multi-Factor Authentication. MFA for Windows Logon. Secure local s on Windows servers and workstations using Rublon for Windows Logon. FIDO / U2F / Windows Hello. Benutzername und Kennwort werden schon sehr lange zur Authentifizierung von Anwendern genutzt. Und sicher genauso lange versuchen andere Menschen diese Daten in Erfahrung zu bringen, sei es durch Cracking, d.h. viele Versuche ausprobieren, durch ausspähen (Keylogger und Co) oder Phishing (Anwender geben die Daten.

In the Manage MFA Device wizard, choose Show secret key, and then type the secret key into your MFA app. Important. Make a secure backup of the QR code or secret configuration key, or make sure that you enable multiple virtual MFA devices for your account. A virtual MFA device might become unavailable, for example, if you lose the smartphone where the virtual MFA device is hosted). If that. Generally the way this will work is to enable MFA at the point of on the Windows machine. Since the Windows machine is basically the gateway to access to everything within the domain, you would add a second step here by forcing MFA. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't do this natively with AD, so you'll likely need an add-on solution. Is MFA Included in Azure or Office 365. With the MFA hesitations around Windows Hello, Microsoft Azure customers are left calling on Microsoft to add MFA support to secure the Windows 10 logon. In a perfect world, they would like to see the Microsoft Authenticator app provide MFA at Windows logon to Hybrid Azure AD-joined Windows 10 workstations. It's not happening, at least not. A Windows machine running Windows 10 or later; A mobile device with the LastPass MFA app installed and registered to a LastPass MFA account - View LastPass MFA app activation instructions; Step #1: Configure policies for Workstation Login . You can configure policies for your users that involve authentication methods and actions users can do once they have logged in to their workstation. Log. All MFA solutions are not created equal. SurePassID Universal MFA excels by meeting the most challenging requirements: On-premise and hybrid deployment architectures; Offline Windows and Mac using two-factor authentication (2FA) Complex firewall configurations, network pathing, and replication scheme

MFA on Windows 10 - Microsoft Tech Communit

  1. Unlike any other MFA vendor, RCDevs supports MFA , even for Windows users working offline, without access to the Internet or office. The unique capability is based on the RCDevs intelligent Credential Provider plugin installed on Windows endpoints as local authentication agents, providing an added layer of security to both Windows domain authentication and local machine access
  2. Windows Login MFA With the sophistication of security breaches increasing every day, relying only on usernames and passwords to secure users' accounts is no longer an option. We require a Credential Provider DLL V2 where users have to authenticate themselves in two successive stages to access their Windows machines
  3. One of my biggest complaints about using Azure AD P1 to issue Azure MFA challenges on a traditional RDS deployment via RADIUS authentication is that it issues an MFA challenge on every . That's almost as frustrating as trying to understand Microsoft Licensing. Fortunately, securing Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure with Conditional Access and MFA is a breeze and dramatically improves the.

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To recover a virtual MFA device that is lost or not working. Sometimes, an IAM user's device that hosts the virtual MFA app is lost, replaced, or not working. When this happens, the user can't recover it on their own. IAM users must contact an administrator to deactivate the device. For more information, se FACEBOOK - The most accommodating and best experience, second only to Windows 10. You can several keys and it's just a touch to . You must have an MFA auth app setup as a backup which can be anything, but as I was using the Yubico MFA app I just used that for FB too. You're not force to use a weaker mobile SMS as a backup/recovery option. Currently there is no way to RDP to Windows 10 Desktops in Azure that are AAD Domain joined with an AAD account that has MFA enable MFA für Server Login MFA für Server Login. Von =BT=Viper, 20. Februar 2020 in Windows Forum — Security. Abonnenten 0. Auf dieses Thema antworten; Neues Thema erstellen; Der letzte Beitrag zu diesem Thema ist mehr als 180 Tage alt. Bitte erstelle einen neuen Beitrag zu Deiner Anfrage! Empfohlene Beiträge =BT=Viper 11 Geschrieben 20. Februar 2020 =BT=Viper. Board Veteran; 11 7 744 Beiträge.

An office phone can be configured for Windows Hello verification (but this is not MFA only an optional method for Windows 10) See more on this HERE. Step 1 - Create the user security group that will be assigned to the Conditional Access policy Step 2 - Configure authentication methods . Sign in to the Azure portal using an account with global administrator permissions. Select Azure. Schon Windows 2000 hat die Authentifizierung über Smartcards erlaubt. Mit MFA werden neben dem Geheimnis, das der Benutzer und der Anmeldeserver kennen (das Passwort), weitere Authentifzierungen gefordert. Bei der Smartcard ist das neben der PIN eben die Smartcard, die in den Leser geschoben werden muß. Bei RSA-Tokens ist das ein alle 30 Sekunden neu generierter Zahlencode. Der Vorteil liegt.

To log in to TOTP MFA-enabled Windows system: Go to the Windows screen. Select a user account. Enter JumpCloud account credentials for the selected account. Open a TOTP app. Enter the 6-digit TOTP token provided for JumpCloud User. Log In to TOTP MFA-enabled Windows Systems with Remote Desktop Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the very common and very exciting features of Windows Azure AD. It means using more than one verification method to authenticate a user. Multi-Factor Authentication is also known as 2FA. Here, I'm continuing with my previous articles on Windows Azure Active Directory Adaptive MFA is only presented when a is deemed risky, enabling companies to maintain strong security, while providing a seamless experience. Learn More. Maximize UX and Security with WebAuthn. With progressive enrollment, users can easily enroll all their WebAuthn capable devices, eliminating the need for complex password requirements. WebAuthn is phishing resistant and mitigates. Microsoft kämpft den Kampf gegen unsere übermäßige Abhängigkeit von Passwörtern. Sie haben kürzlich angekündigt, dass sie Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung direkt in Windows 10 einbrennen. Die neue Lösung baut das Konzept der Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung (eine Kombination von etwas, das Sie wissen, etwas, das Sie haben, und etwas, das Sie sind) direkt in das Betriebssystem ein und. Aus Azure mit MFA ausgesperrt. Helfe beim Thema Aus Azure mit MFA ausgesperrt in Windows 10 Support um eine Lösung zu finden; Ich schreibe hier von meinem privaten microsoft account, weil ich mich aus meinem Azure ausgesperrt habe. Ich habe in den MFA einstellungen... Dieses Thema im Forum Windows 10 Support wurde erstellt von vernichter, 30

Go beyond static MFA with SmartFactor Authentication, which uses machine learning to evaluate the risk and context of each and adapt accordingly. Protect your entire business or start by securing your most critical apps first. OneLogin Protect - enterprise-grade MFA app. Protect against unauthorized access to critical corporate data while cutting management time and costs for your. Note: You can't use the mfa_serial parameter with permanent IAM credentials. If you use profiles to authenticate commands using the AWS CLI, specify the --profile option followed by the profile name to verify that the calls authenticate using MFA.. For example, this command uses the default profile credentials and isn't authenticated with MFA

Recently I implemented Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for a customer. This customer has the policy that you always needs to get challenged by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) before you get access to a Remote Application or Desktop, except when connecting from a managed device. To achieve this with Windows Virtual Desktop, an Azure Conditional Access policy must be created with session. Windows MFA provider works with a standalone and domain-joined workstations or servers. It is developed by using Windows authentication plug-in architecture. More details about this architecture and how the new credential provider model works can be found HERE. Features. SecureMFA WIN Authentication Provider supports Windows x64 platforms only. Servers OS minimal version must be Windows 2016. Step 10: Test miniOrange 2FA for Windows PPTP Login. Click on the newly added VPN connection and Initiate a VPN client connection to verify your configuration by clicking on Connect. Enter your username and password+otp passcode. For example, given a username 'bob', with password 'passwordabc' and a miniOrange passcode '123456', you would enter Now Windows is performed in High-Safety mode by using Time based One Time Password and HOTP codes. MFA for Remote Desktop access with U2F FIDO security keys in Rohos Logon Key v.4.7 24th December 2020 - 5:51 pm; P2P encryption ownership in secure online storage products (Mega.nz, OneDrive) 1st October 2020 - 8:55 am; Rohos Logon Key v.4.6 update 2nd February 2020 - 12:21 pm; Recent.

Yubico Login for Windows is designed to provide strong MFA for logging into local accounts on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computers. It is not suited for logging into any of the following accounts: Azure Active Directory (AAD), Active Directory (AD), Microsoft accounts Windows 10's uniformity across devices is essential for usability, but it can also cause problems when updates change things. On some versions of the OS, Windows 10 disables after sleep TecMFA is a Credential Provider / authorization plugin developed on top of Okta's MFA & Policy framework and extends the Okta's MFA policy to Windows/Mac desktop & laptops. TecMFA prevents vulnerability and threats associated with by verifying the identity of all users (Employees, Partners, Contractors) with Okta supported 2 Factor authentication before granting access to the desktops.

Long term review of the VMware Horizon View Mobile ClientOffice 365 Outlook for Desktop constantly prompts forIl  su Windows 10 con le chiavi di sicurezza YubicoHow to Configure Microsoft ADFS with Azure MFA as PrimaryHow to connect Azure database with Active DirectoryHelpdesk Cisco Anyconnect VPN documentationPython django-mfa2包_程序模块 - PyPI - Python中文网Scott Prior at 70: A Solo Exhibition | Wednesday, November

The Windows /lock screens are secured by credential providers that collect credentials and perform other authentication-related activities, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). Some are provided by Microsoft—the most common one being the password provider that usually collects the password as part of . Other third-party providers, such as Duo, work similarly to the Microsoft. MSIX App Attach mit Windows 10 Version 2004 in einer Citrix Umgebung Juni 16, 2020 FSLogix App Masking in Citrix Umgebungen Mai 18, 2020 SAML Authentifizierung zwischen Citrix & Microsoft mit Azure MFA April 2, 202 Windows. Requires Windows 10, 32/64 bit. How to set up MFA on your primary device. How to set up MFA on an additional device . Watch how to set up your primary device. Watch how to set up an additional device. Watch how to using MFA. Mac. Requires macOS 10.14 and up. How to set up MFA on your primary device. How to set up MFA on an additional device. Watch how to set up your primary. © American Airlines Inc., All rights reserved

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